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Our team

Trainer | Facilitator

Rosalie is a facilitator and trainer. They have been leading groups and learners for over a decade. 


With a large experience in working with youth and adults, they have developed strong skills in holding space for groups. Their attention to the participants’ needs allows them to feel safe and dive with confidence into the learning process.


In working as a leader in their organization they had numerous opportunities to facilitate group conversations, work with teams and encourage individuals to give their best. They are committed to working with people as a community to achieve greatness.


Rosalie has been working in partnership with David for many years. David and Rosalie co-facilitated numerous workshops and the dynamic they share allows participants to enjoy a richer experience.

Founder | Trainer | Coach

Founder of the company, David is a coach, facilitator and trainer. He has been developing leadership skills and working with thousands of people for the past decade. 


His experience ranges from one-on-one coaching to facilitating large group conversations. He has also had the opportunity to work closely with companies to support their reflections on how they want to work together.


As a trainer and workshop designer, David has been offering transformative learning opportunities both in person and online. His reflexive capacity allows him to adapt to the specifics of a particular workshop and offer qualitative experiences.

Our community



Join our growing global community of leaders.

“I would go as far to say that this training has been the most practical, hands-on, learning experience I’ve ever had as an adult professional.”


— Senior Manager in Educational Tech Industry

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“I have learned so much from this training. It is packaged in a completely different format than I’ve experienced before and had me look at my craft in a completely new way. This has been wonderful and immensely productive for me.”


— Vice-President in Textile Industry

Organizations we work with...

“I really enjoyed the mix of hands on practice and feedback and delivered content. I think it was a really successful way to learn concepts and then put them into practice. I also really enjoyed the size of the group. I think it created a safe space to learn and participate without the fear of judgement and by the end felt I met new friends.”

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