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Imagine a world where love is present in every human interaction…



Join our growing global community of coaches, facilitators, presenters and trainers.

“I would go as far to say that this training has been the most practical, hands-on, learning experience I’ve ever had as an adult professional.”


— Senior Manager in Educational Tech Industry

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“I have learned so much from this training. It is packaged in a completely different format than I’ve experienced before and had me look at my craft in a completely new way. This has been wonderful and immensely productive for me.”


— Vice-President in Textile Industry


The Trainer

Meet David

I'm the founder and sole trainer of this company. I've been developing these skills and working with thousands of people for the past decade. The recent developments of 2020, forced me to do all my work online and I discovered in the process that the online work can be as good and as meaningful as what we are used to do in person. It simply requires some new habits.

At the end of the day, this work is all about finding answers to this question: How do human beings help others in a productive way?

This collection of online trainings is my way of sharing the best answers I've found so far with you.

Pick a skill and let's started working together. Looking forward to meeting you!

David Kohler

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