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with Developmental Facilitation. 

Multiplying Potential

The way we do our work best is by getting to know you, your team and your needs.

We are happy to offer individual sessions, facilitate group work, deliver workshops or design specific trainings. At the end of the day, this work is all about:

Human Change

We will help you develop core metaskills, increase your reflexivity and expand your awareness.

We create safer spaces where you can grow and embody emotional intelligence.


We're Bilingual! Training is available in both English or French to best suit your needs. 


Did you know that our learning experiences are offered both online and in-person? We make sure to create engaging learning experiences and centre sessions around practices where you explore and expand your being.


For more information discover our catalogue here. We would also be delighted to engage in a conversation to address your unique requirements. You can easily book a first conversation or a coaching session here. And if you'd like to experience what we offer, book us for one of our short 2-hour workshop.

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